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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tracked him down within hours. >> few evenings ago, she stopped by the west price home, and sitting in the table when she heard noises upstairs. burglar came down. >> this is a police officer's home. you're going to be in a lot of trouble. i know. that's when i realized he didn't probably care. >> he had to know. after climbing through a first floor window, this is what he saw, a photo of retired police officer bill vogual in uniform and awards recognizing 22 years of service. lisa shield kept talking. >> and do you realize in a minute, police are going to be all over here when i call. >> when she made a move to do that, he made a move with one of the guns he'd stolen. >> what was she saying.
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>> of course, she did move to call police >> remained calm >> this is a cop's house. everybody knew thot to mess with the crime scene. criminalist was called in. >> stolen guns were there, too >> burglar came down the stairs, had guns. boxes in closets. didn't take this. veg el police badge. it was also his uncle's badge. >> nobody got hurt. >> after 42 years of crime fighting, 81-year-old victim. >> someone is going to be in my house when i get back.
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long time. >> vogual got back what was stolen that night, except his piece of mind. >> we're not naming the teenager because of his age. >> tim thornton resigned. they are leaving the review of the department. the review is a direct resolve of the shooting of sam due bose by uc officer, tensing. tensing is charged with murder. >> they are called to check on to people. they found larry and janet fur shot to death. investigators won't confirm, this is a murder su side. they say they are not looking for any suspects. >> larry fur killed his estranged wife. he stabbed her to death.
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pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. and cedric ford killed three people and injured 15, when he opened fire in a plant. police chief is credited with chasing ford and. >> and friend says, ford smiled as he shot his co-workers. >> >>. >> he looked happy. he looked like, he hopped out, almost like a smile on his face. and into the building. >> that's deserving. >> very. >> and picture, i'm never going to get out of my head. >> the threat of terrorist attacks, there's a push for better training. not just law enforcement. rich jaffe, went through an
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am coulding later, he shows us what you could do to defend yourself. >> local man who admitted to killing his girlfriend, admits he killed his best friend on the same day. michael wilcox pleaded to murder and robbery. in connection with the death of zachary, on main street, in april of last year. wilcox drove to elkmere, after shooting his girlfriend, courtney in the head in brown county. wilcox is serving at least 18 years in ohio, faces life in prison when he's sentenced next month. >> you'll be shocked at the siding of your brand-new home suddenly started melting. it happened in a local woman, . >> troubleshooter, looks into a rare problem.
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>> she quickly learned of the problem. >> and my neighbor, and i watched it. i wonder what's going on. and around march 30, 31st, i started taking pictures. >> was taking pictures of the siding of the house, which was melting, more and more, as time went on. the siding could melt, when temperatures, ranging from 165 to 1857 degrees. >> window is low e and it's reflecting sunlight in such a way to melt the sighting. and it occurs when the sun is in a particular condition in relation to the window or the home next door. >> as it progressed in a period
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melt and spread the home, says it could fix the problem by frosting the window so it doesn't reflect the sun. neighbor needs the light in the room so didn't agree to that. >> corenaddo has this advice. >> ask if this citing cam, reflex of windows next door >> i contacted the manager. he said they wanted to do what they can to fix it. he's investigating a new sighting that may be able to receive such heat. will keep you informed. howard aim, troubleshooter >> we want to update you, told you about it earlier. the 3-year-old, who was shot in a home there has died. ins deputy happened, sunman
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local 12, angenette levy is there. gathering more details. and we'll have a complete report on local 12 news, live at 11:00. going behind bars, lawsuit students may have to taed their classroom for an old jail. tax information in the hands of hackers. irs reveals a problem far more than they thought. how they are warning taxpayers.
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ptoto . >> new chase law school may move to an old jail. there's a proposal to move it to the top floor administration building in covington
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the new jail were open. developers unveiled a towering on what it looked like if the school moves. the university has not taken a position that will cost an estimated 42 million. murder case in the tri-state gets attention across the pond as the subject of a bbc documentary. two friends stabbed the recruit after watching two movies. they gave different versions on what happened. mosley pleaded guilty and testified against meyer. mosley got life. meyers was september to death row. the documentary asking who is telling the truth. mall will require teenagers to be accompanied by adults. north gate security and police dealt with crowds unruly tebs in recent weeks.
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new rules will go in effect on
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h happene . >> cyberattack on the ir is, is more than twice than what was previously disclosed. tax information for about 7 hundred thousand households may have been stolen by hackers. in august, irs says there were only 300 thousand potential victims. irs is sending letters next week. there are concerns this year because of the stolen information. >> latest on the long line of workplace killings. the question, what could be done to limit casualties in the future. in a story you will only see
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found the answers, that may line in training and preparation. the killers is walking into a classroom. >> here comes the gun. there goes that. >> simple water bottle becomes a life saving distraction. and two unarmed people take the killer down because they were trained how to do it. since january 11th, to san bernardino killings, there are at least 18 shooter or killers around the world. most have been in the united states, and almost all of those in places posted as gun-free zones. people in the workplace are number one target, adults and children in educational facility facilities facilities. >> sometimes they approach, with the oversized jacket in the middle of summer in tampa.
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percent humidity and they are wearing an oversized jacket. we call that in law enforcement, a clue. >> bobcattire has spent years in the middle east. they are applying the life saving skills in cincinnati college. attending the shooting class was a stay-at-home mom. retired executive and law enforcement among others. we learned the number of run, hide, fight. >> if i turn the lights out and i got the windows pulled and it's dark in here and i stand, i put a chair right here. maybe a table right here. this person comes in, most people don't look middle and high, unless they are military law enforcement. >> we learned most killing information, shooters are likely schizophrenic or on medication. and some are now wearing body
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>> it's scary stuff and it's very real. every i am too you turn on the news, there's another shooting. whether it's the public or more force. more people have to be educated and know how to help themselves and others. >> joe calillo trains pilots in the use of weapons. he believes employers have to follow a federal law. that means training on issues like this. >> unfortunately, it's not a reality for many people. that's really unfortunate. >> the team of cincinnati workplace development unit is available to do training like this for any business. there's a fee. our class lasted almost five hours. we couldn't possibly put it all on tv. here's an easy take away from it. i've got four books in my hands. you could easily stuff this in a backpack. this amount of paper, together
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virtually any handgun round as well as any two or three round, standard round. do everything you can to slow the bad guys down. slowing him down, means you got less killing. >> without that training, most of us will panic. >> that's what happens in most. if you see it even once, there's a chance it will stay in the radar screen. you could make that difference. you could slow that guy down. you could react rather than just hide and panic. >> it's about the training. >> thanks very much. there's a link on our website, you could see more of the lessons from the interesting cammy, back to you. >> bob, rich, thank you. >> looking forward to a great weekend.
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even warmer air comes on sunday. we have a cloudy sky showing up in the atrium weather cam. temperature 35 in college hill. light wind right now, no precipitation in the bucket today. there is isolated flurries around the evening and overnight. flurries meaning no additional accumulation. isolated, meaning not everyone will see flurries. if you're not out on the town, see flurries flying outside and as you venture out and about this evening. we'll drop another degree between now and 7:00. we're all the way down to 29. highs tomorrow, centered between 50 and 55 degrees. warmer air will come in. chunk of the warm air over the plains. southern plains especially will
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south, southwesterly wind sustained between 15-25 miles an hour on sunday. it's easy to drag a warm air has up from where it originated. from detroit to st. louis and the western part of virginia all the way down to south central kentucky. clouds will break up at times. overall, we're cloudy to mostly cloudy all the way through sun rise can't rule out overnight, but they will be few and far between. in the network of radars, flurries in the columbus area. all of these are moving from us. they are not am could -- are not coming our way. 8:00 tonight, we're dry. some flurries around later this evening. early in the overnight. perhaps early tomorrow. if you're up at 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, tuning to good morning. cincinnati. clouds giveaway to sun tomorrow.
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widely scattered flurries. by lunch, clouds are quickly moving out. and so not only are we warmer tomorrow. we'll be much brighter, especially during the afternoon. there's areas of fog developing tomorrow night. that's the only hiccup we have on saturday into sunday. clouds return during the afternoon sunday. rain will be coming through the tri-state sunday night. that will likely linger. tonight, some flurries. 30 at midnight. down to 29 at 6:00 in the morning. 46 at noon, and planning forecast shows, warmer air is am coulding for sunday. we're up to 63 for the last day of the weekend. still above average, monday and
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rain and isolated thunderstorms likely on tuesday. winter is back to close out the forecast. 63 sunday, but lows are back down to the 20s. back into next week. update the forecast tonight, 10:00 and 11:00. local 12, have a great evening. >> nfl's talent-free. tested and evaluated, questions, and how would you get out? those are real questions. it's the place to be for members of the media. and elliot, and 4.7. that's the fifth fastest.
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lots of attention as well. marvin lewis on addressing the bengals's needs. >> needs to be no complaisancecy. we got to start fresh. we have tro drive and drive harder and find a better way to do your job. and in every way. that's coaches and players alike. brian price and crew, with a way to get everything tupd up. so far, the reds campus is all positive. lots of energy and lots of guys coming back for injury. so much young talent and location liking the experience. not in promise. the most likely, opening day start. he was thrown in the fire, when
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of the rookies. and he knows the experience he gained last year was going to be a big benefit in 2016. >> to prove, you know, i could pitch the big league and to go starts. and feel pretty good about the year in jen. it's a positive thing for me. >> and big night for the top ranked of women of thomas moore, with a packed semi finals. and everything, cindy mas. mas with all-time leading scorer, knowing there's very little for error. focusing and worrying about the
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. >> tonight live at 11:00, coyotes are making a neighborhood their home. what neighbors think of that.
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for many in need. see how people come together to give the community landmark a new lease. >> and should be quiet. cloudy and mostly cloudy for most. isolated flurries. low chance for flurries. no additional accumulation from what we saw. clouds decrease tomorrow. mostly sunny to finish out the day. warmer and windy >> good energy out there. i like the team. i think they will be competitors. >> they had a great time out there. >> and little bit.
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>> pelley: the campaign deteriorates. >> donald trump is a con artist. >> pelley: and the front-runner get an endorsement no one saw coming. also tonight, zika virus is confirmed in nine pregnant women in the u.s. one child has a birth defect. the deadly shootings in kansas. what might have triggered the rampage and the hero cop who stopped him. and steve hartman with the special bond between child and duck. >> i'm his mom. >> reporter: you're not really his mom. >> yup, i'm his mom. captioning sponsored by cbs


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